The increased use of wireless technologies and the development of the industry often causes an increase in electromagnetic emissions. Therefore, there is a growing need to reduce the risk of adverse interactions to identify and minimize them.

For this, at eNGN we have the experience of the fabricator Narda Safety Test Solutions, the most recognized fabricator in the field of the monitoring, measurement and control of electromagnetic fields. They are involved in security as well as EMC and RF testing.

Narda´s range of safety products includes broadband and selective frequency instruments, coverage monitoring systems and personal safety gauges.

Narda´s main features are the quality of its equipment, its maintenance and calibration services and the compliance of its equipment with the global electromagnetic safety regulations.

The current regulations for Occupational Safety in electromagnetic fields, Royal Decree 299/2016, establishes that the measuring equipment must be capable of:

Perform time weights for high frequency measurements (greater than 10MHz)

Perform spatial weightings on localized emission points that affect the worker unequally and on fields with non-continuous field level profiles in relation to height

Perform frequency weighting in fields greater than 10MHz

Perform a frequency selective measurement for multiple frequencies

Perform peak weighting for specific situations at high frequency


NBM-550: The definitive broadband meter
Measures from 1Hz to 90GHz with various measuring probes for electric and magnetic fields.
This meter has all the standards of the current regulations for Occupational Safety, occupational radiofrequency and general public.


Modelo Ancho de banda Campo
EF 0391 100kHz-3GHz E
EF 0392 100kHz-3GHz E, HiPow
EF 0691 100kHz-6GHz E
EF 1891 3MHz-18GHz E
EF 4091 40MHz-40GHz E
EF 5091 300MHz-50GHz E
EF 5092 300MHz-50GHz E, HiPow
EF 6092 100MHz-60GHz E
EF 9091 100MHz-90GHz E
HF 3061 300kHz-30MHz H
HF 0191 27MHz-1GHz H
EA 5091 300kHz-50GHz E, FCC Shaped
EB 5091 3MHz-50GHz E, IEEE Shaped
ED 5091 300kHz-50GHz E, ICNIRP Shaped


Probe EHP-50F: E and H-Fields, 1Hz – 400kHz
This low frequency probe allows, in addition to the measurement in broadband with the NBM-550, the analysis of the spectrum between 1Hz – 400kHz in both electric and electric fields simultaneously.

Narda SRM-3006 selective frequency analyzer

From 9kHz to 6GHz with various electric and magnetic field antennas.
It allows to visualize the spectrum with the level of signal in each band, to evaluate automatically according to the current regulations and to analyze the field levels with Mode Scope, Level Meter, demodulation UMTS and LTE.


Radman / Radman XT / Radman Mobile
Personal radiation monitor for electric and magnetic fields:
1MHz – 40GHz (electric field), 1MHz – 1GHz (magnetic field)
Especially indicated for the evaluation of exposure in the near field. Radman shows the field level using LED indicators and can record all measurements (XT). Its Radman Mobile version (up to 6GHz) is intended for telephony antennas.
Nardalert S3

Personal radiation monitor for electric fields (100 kHz – 50 GHz) with on site interchangeable sensor modules. Nardalert S3 is worn on the body and gives visible, audible and vibratory warning when the electric field power density approaches or exceeds the permitted limit.
It has measurement in near field for the protection of the worker, continuous monitor with connection to solar plate and individual monitor for assembly in analyzer of rack, especially destined for big power plants.



AMS-8061 System

This equipment monitors high frequency fields from 100 kHz to 6 GHz. User friendly software allows individual definition and selective measurement of up to 20 frequency bands.
The equipment is totally autonomous with solar panel and includes a modem for the automatic transfer of data by SMS to PC with included software.

AMB-8059 System

This system allows monitoring from 10Hz (for railway environments) to 40GHz, depending on the probe that is attached to the monitor (up to 9 different). The equipment monitors electric and magnetic fields simultaneously (required by regulations for low frequencies up to 100kHz). It has GPRS communication for computer control.