Rental services
Rental solutions make it easy to get your hands on the equipment you need now, whilst you wait for release of Capex later. It also allows you to get new technology and keep flexibility to buy later, extend the rental or simply return.

eNGN work with the major brands to give our customers the best solutions for all OPEX budgets. In many situations we can get immediate availability, next-day delivery and total flexibility from the industry leaders.

We can help you saving capital and still get the equipment you need with a range of Lease and Finance solutions.


For what

Rental solutions gives you alternative ways to acquire, implement and manage your test equipment resources

• Get the new equipment you need.
• Get on with using it without waiting for Capex approval.
• Spread costs.
• Keep flexibility in case things change.


Access to new technology in an affordable manner

Delay and save Capex as Rentals are Operating Expenditure (Opex)

Faster deployment – popular configurations are pre-ordered ready to ship

Engineers working with the latest technology