Laboratory Management
The task of managing and maintaining laboratory environments where many elements and topologies need to be managed can be very complex.

Laboratory managers, in addition to needing huge investments in equipment and space and managing complex test procedures, must also face the task of trying to maximize laboratory use while minimizing operating costs to improve ROI.

eNGN/Ayscom offers its customers a turnkey service to create versatile environments that reduces test time cycles to get to market faster, maximizes the performance of expensive resources and reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs.

This service helps technology, infrastructure and Dev/Ops teams to build environments on demand that span the customer’s own dedicated resources and/or cloud resources (hybrid and private) in both physical and virtual facilities.

Main characteristics

Support for automatic management of any network topology

Multi-user and multi-environments support

o Inventory management
o Schedule and reservations management
o Shared management

Dynamic diagrams for architecture management

Connectivity checks

Resource provision

Working environments

To provide test environments and laboratories as a service

To create and manage Sandbox

To provide proof of concept and cloud demos (hybrid/private)

To orchestrate and automate virtual environments (SDN, NFV, etc)

To build test environments for cybersecurity and cyber-range


Reduced test cycles

Reduced operation and maintenance costs

Reduced investment in laboratory equipment

Maximized asset performance

Reduced technician training times

Improved test environment security and access control