Network audit
eNGN/Ayscom’s expert team of consultants helps turn company networks, applications and services into a perfect business support that drives key new business initiatives without the company having to invest in monitoring or test solutions or extensively dedicate its own resources and personnel.

eNGN/Ayscom specialists are the best asset for companies with experience and certifications in:

IT systems

IP backbone/backhaul/access networks (FTTH, xDSL)

Radio and wireless access technologies: GSM/UMTS/LTE, WiFi, WiMAX, GSM-R

Network core SIGTRAN/IMS/NGN

Security and compliance testing

Monitoring, visibility and test solutions

eNGN/Ayscom provides an audit service network that helps its customers to:

Get a full view of the network, applications and services:

• Analyse performance
• Verify structured cabling
• Locate and diagnose problems
• Verify compliance with SLAs
• Locate bottlenecks.
• Conduct load tests for capacity analysis
• Verify Wi-Fi environments through survey and simulated deployment
• Verify the actual coverage of mobile access networks and the proper provision of the services offered over them

Track new deployments, identifying potential impacts on change processes

Optimize networks and applications

Plan growth/investment

Comply with regulations and standards

Benchmark networks against competitors


Cost reduction and control of investments

Alignment of business initiatives with investments in technology and network infraestructure

Improve ROI by extending the working life of investments

Improve productivity and service of performance and technical staff

Benchmark networks against competitors