From the moment it is launched, a mobile network goes through various phases that require adjustments and improvements. It is a dynamic system that must adapt to changes of various kinds and progressively cover new requirements in which it must perform increasingly well.

Therefore, the optimization process of networks of this kind is continuous and must evolve with them. eNGN/Ayscom has the solutions and expertise needed to cover the different tasks in this process effectively and focussed on the customer’s business strategy.


The knowledge acquired over the years enables us to provide network optimization services in all sections:



Network core

Among others, our optimization services may include:

Input data capture

We can handle the entire planning, capture and validation processes, whether it involves test drive, meters, call traces or other sources.

Report drafting

At different levels by adapting their content and delivery to the needs of each case.

User experience

We can measure and analyse users’ perception, relate it with network performance and focus the optimization tasks to improve that experience.

Network audit

Verification of the actual state of the network both before optimization work to check the starting point and during work to progressively analyse its impact.


Comparative analysis with other networks

Integration in the work team

In those cases where a customer does not require fully outsourced services we can offer our customers qualified staff to work in cooperation with internal staff.


Greater network performance

Reduced claims and customer migration and increased ARPU

Reduced costs and deadlines

Optimization tasks aligned with the business strategy