eNGN provides a varied range of training on the latest technologies. Our constant goal to update our technical knowledge, the experience gained over the years working on the client side and our close relationships with cutting-edge suppliers, combine to enable us to provide training courses on technologies such as LTE, IMS, optical fibre or synchronism.

The contents of the courses can be adapted to your needs and they can be done in your offices, on our premises or online.

To complement the above, eNGN occasionally holds technological seminars and workshops given by the manufacturers we represent or by our professionals.



We can enhance any of the solutions in our catalogue with a training program to get the most out of your tools and platforms.

We believe it is essential to adapt the course content to your needs and, where necessary, combine it with courses in technology and work with the tools installed in your own environment. Moreover, we usually include some practical cases to make sure that all our know-how is transferred correctly.

The courses can be held in your offices, on our premises or online. Another interesting mode is “on-the-job training” in which we work with you to ensure that you use the tool as efficiently as possible and get the most out of it.


At eNGN, we can help to create and adapt content for your courses ( technological or otherwise). We have experience in providing this kind of services to complement our e-learning solutions

We advise on defining content, the objectives to be achieved and knowledge management. We help you produce the content and monitor how students make use of the materials and reach the goals you have set.