ABI Electronics

ABI Electronics

ABI Electronics is a leading manufacturer of test, measurement and fault diagnosis equipment with direct applications in R&D, repair, manufacture, test and education.

The main solutions are divided into two main groups: System 8 and RevEng.

System 8

The ABI BoardMaster 19″ Rack Universal Diagnostic System is a self-contained, easy-to-use test system. It offers the most comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. With an internal PC included, is typically supplied with the following modules:

  • Multiple Instrument Station, MIS4, provides you with all the instruments required for the test and measurement of electronic components and PCBs. This module includes a Digital Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Universal Frequency Counter and a Universal I/O port.
  • Variable Power Supply, VPS, provides the necessary supply voltages to the unit under test. As it is controlled by the SYSTEM 8 software, the VPS can be switched on/off automatically and the required voltages can be modified within the TestFlow. The three output voltages are variable in both voltage and current.
  • The Advanced Matrix Scanner, AMS, uses a novel approach to V/I signature testing, by varying the frequency of the test signal to observe the DUT’s response over a frequency range. This can lead to finding faults not detectable with other instruments. The AMS has 64 channels to speed up acquisition and to test high pin count devices as well as complete PCBs. Single channels can also be used for local analysis.
  • Analogue IC Tester is the answer to testing analogue devices. The key feature of the AICT is its ability to functionally test all common analogue ICs and discrete devices in circuit. It is also capable of testing all types of analogue and digital components by means of the well-known, power off V-I test technique with 24 analogue channels.
  • Advanced Test Module, ATM, is a solution designed for the test and diagnostics of all logic PCB assemblies, from single component testing in-circuit up to complete assembly functional checks. Powerful test combinations ensure the best fault coverage on PCBs or components and include functional, connections, voltage, thermal and V-I signature tests. A sophisticated but easy to use system with minimum user input required ensures that components and PCBs are tested efficiently and faults are detected rapidly.
  • Board Fault Locator, BFL, provides the user with the ability to functionally test all common digital ICs in and out-of-circuit. A combination of industry recognised test techniques provides a high level of fault coverage. Additional tools are provided, like a Digital IC Identifier. The BFL can be upgraded to include up to 256 channels, in 64 channels steps.

The BoardMaster 19″ Rack comes complete with ABI’s multi-license and user-friendly SYSTEM 8 Ultimate Software preinstalled. The powerful yet easy to use software includes user access management, ABI’s exclusive TestFlow Manager as well as a wealth of customisation options.


What if you just need one of the modules?

Each of the modules described above can be used independently, with mounting in a CD / DVD slot available in a desktop type computer box, or in a stand-alone box with USB interface, as shown in the image.



Diagnose PCBs without applying power

Detect internally damaged components

Identify leaky and incorrect components

Find inconsistent devices

Minimize risk of damage

Reduce testing time


RevEng Schematic Learning System

RevEng offers an effective method of creating professional quality circuit diagrams from a sample board. The RevEng system comprises a PC controlled continuity measuring hardware system, SYSTEM 8 Ultimate control software and EdWin XP, a fully featured CAD package.
RevEng learns the connectivity of a sample circuit then produces a NetList (a list of the components and connections). The NetList is imported into EdWin XP to create professional quality circuit diagrams.


Where are ABI Electronics products used?

General maintenance and repair

Transport industry

Manufacturing industry

Education sector

Air force, navy and armed forces

Civil aviation and aerospace



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