Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a branch of telecommunications and electronics that is responsible for studying ways to reduce, eliminate and prevent unwanted interactions between electrical and electronic based equipment and its electromagnetic environment, from the design stage, to ensure its correct operation in the place and specific electromagnetic environment where it is to be installed, all based on International or Particular Regulations.


In order to have some security when going to an anechoic chamber and to be sure that the devices comply with the necessary regulations, there are different ways to test them, depending on the standard, budget and scope of the tests.
The fact of performing these tests offers in the long run a huge reduction in costs (of camera rental, personnel …) and increase of the productivity (devices before in the market).


The radiation emissions tests measure the signals that can affect the environment to check whether or not they exceed limitations established by different organisms such as CISPR. These signals must meet certain values of maximum intensity and be within fixed bandwidths.


The Emxpert real-time scanner is an EMSCAN solution that is a huge help to PCB designers and fabricants, in order to be able to test the behavior of the designs in terms of radiated emissions, without the need for anechoic chamber, in real time and with very accurate results.

The tool is capable of detecting real-time EMC / EMI problems, which allow designers to quickly diagnose and solve electromagnetic compatibility or interference problems in the design phase and in the laboratory, without shielding or isolated environments of any kind.

The solution consists of an array of very inefficient antennas to capture, with the help of a spectrum analyzer (external or integrated), signals radiated or emitted by the DUT in a very close field.
Currently there are 3 options, EHX, EHX + and ERX + with bandwidths between 150 kHz and 8 GHz, built-in spectrum analyzer and high resolution.



150 kHz – 8 GHz



150 kHz – 8 GHz, Built-in spectrum analyzer



150 kHz – 8 GHz, High-resolution built-in spectrum analyzer


eNGN offers the possibility to provide the perfect solution for any specific application, choosing the equipment that exactly covers the needs of the customers.

Specific regulations, technical consulting that involve instrumentation or economic evaluation with investment returns applied to EMC, are some of the multiple ways available to support electromagnetic compatibility.