Interference Detection & SIGINT
The importance and the complexity of surveillance and intelligence systems are increasing. eNGN helps you focus on your task at hand by providing state of the art test and measurement tools to assist in your development of surveillance and Intelligence systems. Our areas of expertise include high performance RF and microwave equipment and wireless communications test and development tools to help you keep in front of current security risks.

Administrations across the world are taking extraordinary steps to satisfy the high demand for Spectrum.

Signal structures are ever more complex and closely packed into a shrinking spectral landscape.

Finding and maintaining “Clear” Spectrum has a direct impact on revenue for service providers and using traditional tools and methods to manage it are no longer effective.
We represent the two most important manufacturers for test solutions in this area: Keysight and NARDA.


Spectrum Monitoring and Interference System

Designed for outdoor operation, the N6841A is an IP67-rated wideband RF Sensor with a frequency range of 20 MHz to 6 GHz and a processing bandwidth of 20 MHz. This allows the sensor to be sited in close proximity to the area being monitored for extended periods. With integrated GPS receiver, it operates alone or synchronously with other RF Sensors to perform spectrum monitoring and TDOA geolocation measurements. It can be deployed in fixed, temporary or mobile platforms. Since the N6841A can provide both FFT and IQ recordings, it can support signal analysis, classification, demodulation and decoding functions.

For what:

  • Spectrum Monitoring, Signal intercept, collection and classification using the N6820ES Signal Surveyor software
  • Signal Capture and Analysis using the Vector Signal Analyzer software
  • Emitter location and RF Geo-Analytics using the N6854A Geolocation Server software
  • Remote spectrum and signal monitoring and collection using Keysight Spectrum Visualizer software
  • Custom applications, written using the Sensor Access Library (SAL) API

Interference Direction Analyzers

The portable Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA 2 was specially developed for identifying and localizing interference, impairments and unknown sources. It is not simply a receiver with antennas attached to it. The IDA is a complete all-in-one measuring system that is tailored precisely to its application: efficient source localization. It is a true direction finder with the qualities of a receiver in a hand-held format.

IDA2, the new Interference and Direction Analyzer from Narda, has everything that you would expect from the ultimate hand held direction finder. True receiver qualities coupled with direct, on site signal analysis make it the universal instrument for reliable and fast signal detection, analysis, characterization and localization.



  • Efficient source localization
  • True Direction Finding mode with automatic azimuth determination
  • Counteracting interference
  • I/Q Analyzer with a large bandwidth
  • IDA 2 brings a new degree of ease to interference analysis, with its weight of less than three kilograms
  • Developed by Narda, SmartDF® is a special method for systematically localizing suspect signals, interferers and RF leaks


Identifies and analyzes interference sources

(tracing interference in industrial environments, detecting interference in radio networks, finding unknown suspicious signals)

Provides support for frequency planning

Ensures the quality of radio services

Maintains impairment free operation

Jammer localization

Rapid elimination of interference through targeted localization

going further from signal detection

For some use cases it is not enough with detecting or even locating concrete signals. We can provide you with the best software on the following tasks:



Radio Fingerprinting






Successfully decode in even the poorest conditions

Always current - no outdated or out-of-use modes

Precise automatic classification

Wideband / Narrowband system interfaces



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