Asset location (RTLS)
When it is necessary to locate people or assets within a given area, companies have a choice of location systems. Especially suitable are those based on the telecommunications network infrastructure itself (WiFi infrastructure) and the inclusion of small elements (tags) that enable the staff or items that need to be located to actively communicate with the network and, from there, provide their position or physical location.


Management and monitoring of critical or high-value assets

Behavioural studies

Workflow analysis

Temperature and humidity monitoring

At eNGN, we propose a system based on RFID-over-WiFi, used for tracking high-value assets and people. A precise location system that uses small tags/WiFi cards, as well as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.


Optimisation of business-process workflows

Minimisation of customer waiting times

Improved communications and response times in emergencies

Improved security and protection of people and patients

Minimises costs for breach of regulations

Maximises and optimises use of high-value equipment

Reduction of losses due to theft or loss of equipment


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