Network Planning
The only way to ensure wireless networks operate effectively after deployment is to pre-plan them.

eNGN has solutions for planning WiFi network deployments according to your performance requirements and capacity, taking into account the increase in the number of wireless clients and the applications using your network, such as VoIP, HD video streaming or web browsing.



3D Planning

Shows where to locate and how to configure access points – Multi-floor and multi-building

Network Simulation

Coverage, performance and capacity prediction


Locating bottlenecks.
View of incidents, indicating why and where your network fails.

Report drafting

With information on material costs, coverage, performance and capacity


Channel planning tools for performance optimization

Site Survey

Real on-site measurements to contrast data with plans


Channel assignment and automatic location of antennas

Heat maps:

• Signal power
• KPIs de red (Throughput, loss, jitter, delay)
• Overlapping access points
• Channel interference
• Capacity problems

Network simulation using different WiFi devices

Interference analysis

Traffic generation

GPS tracking (for outdoor surveys)

Requirements integrated by applications (VoIP, RTLS, etc.)

eNGN also provides tools for planning other network types (mobile networks, non-wireless networks, etc.). We can inform you of our solutions through the contact window.