User Experience (CEM)
In an environment where user applications, services and networks are increasingly demanding, it is essential to know the quality of the user experience. This issue is one of the daily responsibilities of operators to their customers, but it is also present in a business environment where a company seeks the efficiency of its workers in its internal processes and to provide a satisfactory customer experiences in all channels.

In eNGN we are well served in the market-leading solutions that can be used for quantifying user perceptions and reaching the level of quality required, and even for predicting what consumers want.


DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)

Classify and identify the applications used

Make the application content visible

Identify users and their profiles

Analyse information from their terminals or computers

Discover the number of users affected by incidents

Information on the use of rates and trends

Learn from internal flows: who uses them and how

Obtain quality metrics on user experience

APM (Application Performance Management)

Visualise and prioritise the availability of their applications and business transactions

Find out if poor performance is due to the network (yours or your users’/customers’), operating system, middleware, database or simply the code

Reduce troubleshooting time and resources

Auto-detect and monitor performance of business transactions

CEM (Customer Experience Management)

Turn customer complaints into satisfaction by providing them with the right information

Reduce costs through shorter resolution times

Earn loyalty and ensure that the most important customers have a good experience by monitoring their service levels. Proactively resolve incidents before they degrade the user experience

Adapt offers, business models and marketing strategies to your clients

Geolocate areas of interest on which to focus efforts to maximise the experience quality

Benefits of our solutions

Transparent visibility of users' Experience Quality

Improve customer service, ensure customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Diagnose and resolve incidents effectively, shortening resolution times

Prioritise efforts in investigating incidents based on business impact

Understand the interests of your users and create new products and services according to their needs

Support decisions based on real User Experience Quality information

Prioritise investments based on the results of actual market demand

Protect your VIP customers by providing service for Premium customers

Areas of intervention


Customer Care