For a limited time, purchase a new InfiniiVision Oscilloscope and get upgraded with the Ultimate Application Bundle software.


Get upgraded to a full analysis package with any new InfiniiVision 2000X, 3000T, 4000X or 6000X oscilloscope. The complimentary Ultimate Application Bundle software includes serial data decoders, power analysis, frequency response analysis and more. Save up to €4,000.

The Ultimate Bundle Software Package bundles all the serial bus protocol trigger & decode capabilities, as well as all the advanced measurement capabilities of the individual licensed industry/application software packages (Auto, Power, Aero, USB, and Embedded), depending on the model:

  • Serial Data Trigger and Decode for up to 20 protocols
  • Mask Testing
  • Frequency Response Analysis
  • Power Analysis
  • Enhanced HDTV Video Test
  • NFC Trigger and Automated Test
  • USB Signal Quality Test
  • Jitter Analysis.

InfiniiVision Ultimate Packages:















Valid for any new KEYSIGHT 2000X, 3000T, 4000X or 6000X oscilloscope, DSO or MSO, any bandwidth.





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