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As an electronic engineer, do you spend a lot of time identifying broken components that cause failure in your design under test? Now with the combination of both the TrueIR thermal imager and data acquisition, you can be assured to save time, find hotspots faster, and accurately characterise temperature problem areas.

Here are three essentials to ease your way through temperature measurement tasks:

Accurately characterise temperature points
You can accurately measure temperatures down to 0.06 ºC (transfer accuracy), using the 34972A data acquisition unit, a T-type thermocouple, the 34901A module card, and low intrusion temperature sensors.

Visualise multiple measurements simultaneously
Downloadable BenchVue software makes it simple to connect, record and achieve test results across hundreds of Keysight instruments without the need for programming. Streamline your measurement tasks faster than ever by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data from anywhere with its mobile app.

Quickly identify hotspots
Using the U5850 series TrueIR thermal imager, find hot spots easily with its 320×240 pixels and macro-like focusing capability (down to 10 cm/4 inches).

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Identifying temperature sensor locations and performing temperature measurements on designs has never been easier. See how you can get the best measurement solution for your applications.


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